About us


Corte Argentino is a company based in Florida, dedicated to import premium Argentine Angus Beef of Frigorifico Gorina. This kind of meat is world-known for its rich flavor and tenderness which are attributed to the soils where the cattle are fed and nourished while growing.

We are purveyors of fine and premium quality meats, keeping up with the highest standards of our clients in Miami and all over the U.S.A. We are also suppliers of some of the most exclusive restaurants, hotels and catering companies, providing both retail and wholesale services.


The reason why we stand of out the crowd is because we distribute a product specially produced for an American audience; Frigorifico Gorina raise steers for 18 to 24 months feeding them with grain the last 150 days prior slaughter to assure marbling and white fat which reflects a premium-quality product.

The blue label that comes inside the packages of the cuts we import from Argentina are proof of Angus Certified Beef, which means our cattle meet phenotype and genotype requirements to be classified as pure-bred Argentine Angus.

Corte Argentino is the only company in the United States that has this certification which is controlled by Argentine Angus Association.   


Our vision is to provide our clients with the true flavor of Angus Beef by offering high quality cuts into the competitive American market. 


Our mission is to excel through the constant revision of food quality and service. We produce meat that we trust and would eat ourselves, and our product list is constantly curated to present nothing but the best products in the market from the highest quality suppliers.


We stand behind the quality of Argentine Angus Beef by taking care of every step of the way. When our customers place an order, they are acquiring humanely raised and responsibly sourced meat. We do not compromise on quality or on our environmental standards, and it’s our promise to bring nothing but the best cuts available.

We like to take our client’s needs and demands in a very individual way creating a bond with the ones who trust us to be their meat suppliers.


Argentina is an important producer of top quality beef and has the highest beef consumption in the world. Beef is produced in extensive grazing systems and export shares vary between 10–15 % of production.

Cattle are raised near region of Pampa Húmeda, Argentina (South America), in the heart of the Pampean Plains, an area considered optimum for raising and feeding cattle because of its weather and pastures. Gorina's plant is located in the City of La Plata, 70 km from Buenos Aires.

Taking advantage of the vast experience in cattle production, Frigorifico Gorina has created an exclusive grain finished Reserve Label Brand for a final product that will provide an eating experience American Palates are used to but with the Argentinian essence. 

The care applied to its processes with continuous improvement and permanent training guarantees Gorina a privileged position in the cattle and meat market.

This meat is a must have in any Argentinian Asado or Latino Style BBQ. There are so many different ways to cook this cuts that its versatility is the reason of it popularity.