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Flap Meat Argentine Angus Beef | Pulpon de Vacio

Flap Meat Argentine Angus Beef | Pulpon de Vacio


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Argentine Angus Beef / Flap Meat


 One of the most popular cuts in Argentina. Delicious flavor! It is tender, contains a lot of marbling and it is very juicy. This cut is the part that is around the belly of the cow wich is characterized by a layer of fat on the outside but very little on the inside. A perfect cut to marinate and grill. This cut is often overlooked in the United States, but our “Flap Meat” is the best thing that you will find on the market. Do not miss out and get ready to try the best cut of meat!  Similar to skirt steak, but with a finer texture, this Angus beef flap comes from the bottom sirloin butt cut and has a luscious, beefy flavor. It mixes well with marinades and really comes to life on the grill. 

El Vacío es uno de los cortes más populares en Argentina. Su sabor es delicioso por su gran veteado, es tierno y muy jugoso. Es muchas veces pasado por alto en Estados Unidos, es la parte que se encuentra alrededor del vientre de la vaca que se caracteriza por una capa de grasa en el exterior pero muy poca en el interior. Es un corte perfecto para marinar y hacer a la parrilla. Nuestro Vacío es lo mejor, no te lo pierdas. El Vacío argentino no es fácil de encontrar. 

❄️ Product is frozen before shipping to lock in flavor and will arrive frozen or partially thawed.

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