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Australian Wagyu Flap Meat BMS 6/7 | Jack's Creek

Australian Wagyu Flap Meat BMS 6/7 | Jack's Creek


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F1-F3 Australian Wagyu

Jack's Creek is an Australian owned family business that has been farming since 1947, as well as processing and exporting beef since 2000 to more than 30 countries. Jack’s Creek is a vertically integrated agri-business with operations including cattle and broad acre farming, lot feeding, processing and marketing. Specializing in premium grain-fed Wagyu and Angus beef, jack’s Creek’s reputation for quality and devotion to detail is reflected by a loyal customer base and multiple ‘World’s Best Steak’ Awards. This is tribute to a ‘no compromise best of breed’ strategy that is applied throughout the complete supply chain-from farmer to consumer. Today Jack’s Creek is at the forefront of Premium beef production and guarantees tender and juicy beef that is full of flavor with every bite.

Australian F1 Wagyu is the results of breeding a 100% full-blooded Wagyu Sire and a Angus Dam. An F1 Crossbred or First Crossbred Generation is 50% Wagyu Genetics.

Taking advantage of their reputation and experience in the cattle industry, Australian ranchers introduce the very best genetics through an F2 and F3 crossbreeding with up 87% Wagyu Genetics to create something new and unique to a market looking for something rare and exclusive under their former Brand "F1" and now call Wagyu X.

Flap Meat is very similar to Flank Steak, but with deeper, more pronounced flavors. Wagyu Flap Meat has fine, creamy marbling and is much more tender than any regular beef Flap. There’s no toughness here, just tender, beefy flavor. 

  • Origin: Australia.
  • Breed: F1-F3.
  • Marbling: BMS 6-7
  • Aged: 60+ days wet aged.
  • Packaging: Wrapped & vacuum sealed.

❄️ Product is frozen before shipping to lock in flavor and will arrive frozen or partially thawed.

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