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Chicken Breast Milanesas

Chicken Breast Milanesas


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Chicken Breast Milanesas (8-12 Units Approx. Per Box)

Chicken milanesa is one of our favorite ways to prepare boneless skinless chicken breast, a cut which can often be dry and boring. Serve those together with a few lemon wedges and some hot sauce. Healthy dinner is ready in under 20 minutes. And everyone likes it! 

Serve it alone with a side of vegetables and squeeze of lemon, or put it between bread to make a big sandwich!

Crispy on the outside. Tender in the inside. Our chicken breast milanese is loaded with flavor and easy to prepare.

The milanese comes frozen and ready to be fried or baked into a delicious meal.

  • Total Weight: 48 oz per box.

❄️ Product is frozen before shipping to lock in flavor and will arrive frozen or partially thawed.

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