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Claypot for Provolone | Provoletera

Claypot for Provolone | Provoletera


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This exceptionally sturdy clay cookware is safe to use in the oven or on the stovetop. They are the product of a unique refractory clay method used since antiquity that produces a cazuela that is close to a brick in density. Because of this classic process, dishes served on the table continue to simmer for another 5 - 10 minutes.

In Argentina, a thick slice of provoleta (provolone-type cheese) is cooked until golden brown and bubbly, then served as a delicious appetizer with bread.
To make preparation easier, provoleta can be cooked in this clay pot, on the grill, or baked in a hot oven.
Usually a bit of chimichurri sauce is served on the side.


Oven: You have to heat the oven for a few minutes. Then he will place the Provoletera/ (clay pot) with the cheese and wait for it to be at the desired point. If you want a crispy layer, turn the oven browning on for a few minutes.

Grill: The first thing is to light the fire and once the embers are ready, place the provoletera/ clay pot over the grill and add the cheese. Bring it to the coals gradually and wait a few minutes. Be careful not to place the provoletera directly on the fire because excessive heat can cause it to break.

TIP: Clay pots are wrapped in a heat-diffusing wire to prevent thermal shock so that they can be used over high heat. They’re also excellent for simmering single portions.

Important: Clay cookware is sensitive to thermal shock so take great care to avoid sudden temperature changes or pots will break when heated. Never heat an empty clay pot, and do not set a cold pot over high heat.

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