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Filet Mignon Box

Filet Mignon Box


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You demand, we supply. Our Filet Mignon Box has arrived to please true lovers of the most tender cut ever. Our filets are hand-cut and are just amazing! These tenderloin cuts are perfectly portioned for individual servings, so prepare something for the whole family! 

The filet mignon is cut from the tenderloin, which is part of the loin primal. It represents 2-3% of the total animal, which makes this cut rare compared to Ribeye o NY Strip. The secret of its tenderness is due to its location; the tenderloin is a non-weight bearing muscle which remain relatively unused during the animal's lifetime.

We suggest to cook it quickly over high heat, so that the exterior becomes nicely browned while leaving the interior juicy and medium rare.

- 3 Filet Mignon 6 oz (each)
- 3 Filet Mignon 8 oz (each)

(Every pack is vacuum-sealed and includes 1 piece of steak)

❄️ Product is frozen before shipping to lock in flavor and will arrive frozen or partially thawed.

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