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Mini Blood Sausage| Morcilla Bombón Argentina

Mini Blood Sausage| Morcilla Bombón Argentina


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Argentinian Style Mini Blood Sausage - 8 units (1 lb)

This is a mild flavor and delicious Argentine style blood sausage, excellent for grilling but also suitable for the oven or pan frying. 

Similar to our Argentinian Blood sausage, these smaller, easier to cook Bombones are packed with amazing flavor. 

Bombones are great as appetizers and quick meals due to their shorter cooking time. You can stuff them in any baguette-like bread of your choosing with some Chimichurri and you've got yourself a "Morcipan", which makes an amazing and meal, also typical to Argentina. You may also serve them as the perfect side to a great steak. 

You can cook it or have it raw, we recommend to grill it for about ten minutes and serve it on top of bread slices while cooking some great cuts on the grill.

 ❄️ Product is frozen before shipping to lock in flavor and will arrive frozen or partially thawed.

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